How to Make Ghoogni – Yellow Peas Curry

Ghoogni is a traditional delicacy popular in the eastern states of India in West Bengal, Orissa, Assam etc. Original ghoogni is made with whole yellow peas ( peela matar in hindi ) . Ghoogni can be eaten just by itself as a snack or they can be relished with luchis (deep-fried flatbread made of all-purpose flour). They go really well for a brunch or an evening snack.

Sometimes people use chickpeas instead of yellow peas but then that’s not ghoogni. Authentic ghoogni is only made with yellow peas. In West Bengal, ghoogni is also made with minced goat meat and gets extremely popular as street food during the Durga Poojas (a festival in India).

One interesting part of this recipe is the use of panch phoron spice in a different way. The panch phoron is dry roasted and then ground into a coarse powder which then gives a very distinct aroma to the delicacy. Please note that you may need to soak the yellow peas overnight in water although in our video we showed four hours only. Also, Lemon juice can be used instead of tamarind. Please watch us make this traditional Indian snack for the recipe. It really tasted very good.

Please leave comments and feedback and let us know if you need help making it.

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  1. ya it is good but wat do mean by panch phoron and saute actually i am a beginner so plzz kindly tell me!!!!

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