Handi Cooking – Khade Masale Ka Gosht (Red Meat in Whole Spices)

This one is not for the faint hearted and is recommended only for those with strong stomachs. It’s one of our favorite red meat delicacies and we love to cook it with goat meat.  Use of lamb and beef is also quite popular though. The Khada Masala (Whole Spices) used in this recipe is really hot.

The use of black cumin (shahi zeera) powder and coarsely ground whole coriander seeds, red chilies, black peppercorn added great flavor to it. To mellow the hotness of the recipe, quartered hard-boiled eggs can be used to garnish the recipe. A useful cooking technique we learned recently is that whenever using yogurt in curries, add it after removing the pan or pot from heat and return back to heat after mixing it well. This prevents the yogurt from getting curdled.

This dish was a little too hot for our daughter. It’s advised that get a pizza or something else for the kids if you are really trying it. Serve it with butter naan but it will go great with any Indian bread. We served the leftovers with white rice the next day and it tasted even better with white rice. Somehow most of our meat curries always taste yummier the next day. Watch the video for the recipe and to see us cook this hot, eye-pleasing and colorful delicacy.

Ingredients Summary

Serves – 7; Total Time – 2 hours

Baby Goat (back leg) – 3.85 lb or 1.75 Kg; Ghee – 1 cup; Whole Garam Masala [Green Cardamom – 8; Cloves – 8; Black Cardamom – 1 and 1/2; Cinnamon Stick – 1.5 in; Bay Leaf – 1 and 1/2; Mace – 2 pinch]; Onion – 14 oz or 400 gm; Garlic – 3 oz or 85 gm; Ginger – 3 oz or 85 gm; Green Chili – 15; Whole Coriander Seeds – 4 tsp; Whole Red Chili – 5; Black Peppercorn – 3 tsp; Cumin Powder – 1.5 tsp; Black Cumin Powder (Shahi Zeera) – 1.5 tsp; Yogurt – 1 lb or 450 gm; Tomato – 1 lb and 1/2 oz or 500 gm; Salt – to taste; Fresh Coriander Leaves (chopped) – 1/2 cup;

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  1. I coocked gost red meat vindhalu & served with chapathi to my friends,they eat it in a hurry,ran to the kitchen & finished my suger jar,but the vindahalu was great ( IF YOU ARE EATING LESS CHILLI HOT FOOD REDUCE THE HOT MASALA A LITTLE BIT BUT IT IS GREAT AS IT IS)

  2. I personally like spicy dishes like this but it’s a mess to cook such dishes with perfection. The quantity of the ingredients is the real problem for me. I don’t know about the others.

  3. Hi yalimadad or salam nabela ji or apa ap kae resepe kae book chaya mujae add karo nabela ji

  4. you have a great way to cook , i love
    what you do and your honesty on showing us the exact amount
    and the steps to follow .. thats very kind
    you making the cooking so simple for everybody ..
    you guys are great.. thank you ..

    Ahmed from Dubai .

  5. I just made this for the first time and invited a couple of friends around who (like us) are curry connoisseurs. They also visit India every year so are used to authentic recipes. I have to say it’s one of my all time favourites and, though I cooked it and say it myself, I think that includes dishes I’ve eaten out. Thank you very much. I made it with lamb and shall be off to buy lots more to make a much bigger quantity to freeze very soon. The only thing to mention is that I found I didn’t have to add any water though I did use tinned chopped tomatoes so there was probably a bit more juice in that.

  6. really good cuisine………please give me the reference of this music,
    Thank you.

  7. Wonderful presentation. I’m trying it out today.
    Very honest video.

  8. Is this site KAPUT

  9. […] recipes which I’ve tried online, of which there are many, there are two which stand out. This one from DesiHomeCook is fantastic and has been a source of inspiration for homing in on what I want from my own version. […]

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