Penne Pasta with Spinach & Sausage

A couple of weeks back we had to go to the doctor’s. While waiting for our turn my wife was flipping through a magazine that had this recipe. This is a quick and easy pasta recipe and is great for both lunch or dinner. We think it’s also a nice recipe that we can pack in our backpacks while going for short trips. Add a side of salad with it if you like. We had it in dinner with a glass of chilled beer. Pasta, though known to be an Italian food is equally a staple American food. We have not seen any American buffet that does not serve some kind of pasta.

Stir fry some boneless chicken and use it instead of sausage. We used chicken broth for the sauce but  instead the water used for boiling the pasta can also be used. Or, you can boil some veggies like carrots, peas, spinach, broccoli together to make a vegetable stock and then use the same vegetables in the pasta instead of sausage to make a vegetable pasta.

Also, it really doesn’t have to be penne pasta, any type of pasta will taste great. Try to use whole grain or whole wheat pasta though. We added the desi touch by using chilli powder and black pepper  powder which was not mentioned in the original recipe. It was written some parmesan cheese be added in the end but we skipped the cheese as we added too much cream in it. The balsamic vinegar is also optional. Instead, just squeeze in fresh lemon juice of a quarter lemon for the same tangyness.

Just experiment with it and add your own twist.

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