So it was on this Friday, that my wife made “Chole Bhature” for the first time and it turned out great. We were talking to my brother-in-law back in India and telling them how wonderful “Chole Bhature” we made at home. Our Boudi (sister-in-law in Bengali) asked us the recipe and gave us the idea of posting a video of it on YouTube. We did the video with my phone camera, posted on youtube and shared with friends and family on Facebook and Orkut. It then gave us the idea to start this blog of our experiences with cooking.

Bhatoore is Indian fried bread made from dough of all purpose flour (called Maida in Hindi/Bengali). Bhatoore is best enjoyed with “Chole”. “Chole” is curried chick peas cooked in a blend of indian spices. This post is just about how to make the Bhatoora. This delicacy is most popular in northern India in states of Delhi, Punjab,  Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and their neigbouring states.

The secret of bhatoora lies in kneading the dough with various ingredients. There are a lots of variation of how to make the dough. If you are trying this at home, feel free to experiment according to your style. For the recipe we used, check out the video of Bhatura I shot with my iPhone while my wife was making it. I used the AudioSwap feature of YouTube to replace the audio of the video and it doesnt look bad.

A few indian terms in the video:
Maida – All purpose flour
Sooji -Semolina
Curd – Yogurt
Raita – Yogurt diluted with water, salt, cumin powder, black pepper powder etc. Raita is essentialy diluted yogurt blended with some spices.

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The Intro…

This blog is about our (me and my wife’s) experiences of home cooking of great recipes from chefs and people all over the world. The recipes we are going to share are mostly taken from tv programs, magazines, blogs, websites, YouTube etc. We are trying to share these recipes with our friends and family through this blog. We are from India and love to cook and eat all variety of cuisines. We moved to USA in Nov 2006. Life was lonely and boring, with just the two of us and our daughter, we did not know anyone, had no friends and started to feel that moving to USA was a big mistake.  

Back home in India, life was really cool and great. With both our parents , brothers and relatives around, life was always fun and happening.  Then came this opportunity to move to USA as my company offered me a position at Jersey City, NJ with one of our clients.

But once here, life was no bed of roses. As I said before, it was extremely lonely. On weekends, with no friends and nothing much to do, we started to try recipes from food channel, from YouTube videos and blogs etc. Soon we learned lots of cooking techniques, thanks to all the food web sites, videos and blogs. I ate sushi in US for the first time and I am kind of addicted to it but never tried making sushi at home. We cook stuff that we know we can cook without messing up and that I will be able to take to work for lunch the following day.

We thought it will be a nice idea to share our experiences of our hobby of cooking that we learned after coming to USA. We always try to experiment and do variations with the recipes we cook. So, all the receipes that we are going to share here will have twist of our own variation.

There are gazillions of blogs on food and cooking and here’s one more. Someday, when my daughter will like to cook her mom’s “chole bhature”, all she has to do is open this blog. Speaking of “Chole Bhature”, just keep a watch on this blog for how to make that perfect “Bhatura” because we already have made it this weekend and will share it soon.

Bhatura Wiki:

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