A Tale of Two Recipes of Masoor Dal

The best benefit we got after starting our blog is that we started to read other people’s blog. One cool blog that we really liked is called OneLifeToEat. The blog writer, Sabera, recently posted a recipe of masoor dal. Just reading her recipe got me salivating. Masoor dal is the mostly eaten dal since our childhood but we never prepared masoor dal anywhere near to her recipe. I saw my grandma cook it everyday, my mom and aunts used to cook it everyday; they still do. We also cook it but not everyday.

Masoor dal we cooked (Recipe by - http://onelifetoeat.com)

So as we read Sabera’s masoor dal recipe, I just got nostalgic as it was part of my everyday meal. The other thing my mom used to cook using masoor dal, though not everyday, was the Masoor Dal Pakodis (fritters). This mostly used to happen on days when the fridge went out of vegetables. Mom used to cook a dal and at least two sides (one vegetable; one fish-being Bengalis) served with rice and rotis. Thats how a standard Indian balanced diet used to be.

Masoor Dal Pakodas with Basmati and Masoor Dal

Anyways, coming back to the masoor dal, by the time we finished reading Sabera’s recipe I was salivating for not only the Dal but also the Masoor Dal Pakodis as well. So we made both of them yesterday. For the masoor dal recipe, please visit Sabera’s post and for the Masoor Dal Pakodis checkout our video. Serve Masoor dal over hot steamed basmati rice with the pakodis. Add some raita and cucumber on the side and you got yourself another 100% vegetarian yummy meal.

(Whats the difference between pakodas and pakodis?)

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