Monday night dinner – Salmon goes desi

It was a great Monday. I was able to leave work precisely at 6.00 PM. Hope the luck continues for rest of the week. As I stepped in the elevator, called my wife to discuss the dinner. By the time the elevator completed its downward journey of twenty-nine floors, the entire plan was ready. We are going to cook “Salmon” in a very authentic mustard and poppy gravy popular in the state of West Bengal and the neighbouring country of Bangladesh. It was decided that I will buy the salmon on my way home from the neighbourhood grocery store. While buying the fish, I took the opportunity to take a picture of the fish galore in front of me.
Salmon is mostly found in pacific ocean, atlantic ocean and the great lakes of America and Canada. So this is kind of fusion recipe of cooking American fish with Indian spices and sauces. Originally, this delicacy is made with HILSA fish found in eastern region of India and Bangladesh. HILSA has a distinct flavor and aroma just like Salmon and is also popular as “King of fishes” in the region. 

 Due to use of both mustard seeds and mustard oil, this delicacy has a distinctive pungency in taste similar to that of wasabi. 

And finally, I am posting this after having dinner. Had dinner while the video was uploading on YouTube. Missed friends and family while eating this delightful delicacy. 


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