Anyone can Cook Eggs

Yes, anyone can cook eggs. Still, cooking eggs takes lots of practice to achieve perfection. Be it boiled eggs, poached eggs or omelette. It takes time and practice to get that perfect softness in your egg. In India, eggs are cooked in a little rough manner. If you are making an omelette the Indian way, then you got to beat it and beat it and continue beating it till you top up your bowl with egg froth. However, the recipe we are posting here does not require too much beating. Just a little whisk to break the yolks is enough. We call it our version of Russian omelette but it has nothing Russian about it (except the butter, we guess).

It's not a Pizza; It's an Omelette

This is an original recipe of cooking eggs that we learned from my Dad and if other people, by any remote chance, have cooked eggs exactly this same way then its purely co-incidental. This is a sinful recipe with lots of butter and full eggs (inclusive of the yolks). If you want to get more adventurous, try adding some sausages or cheese. The thing we like about this omelette is that the egg is fully cooked and yet its is soft, moist and full of buttery flavor with sweetness of caramelized onions and cabbage.

We cooked this twice in past week to get it perfect. The first time around we overcooked it but this time it was just perfect. Watch our video for the recipe and to see us cook this unique omelette.

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